Club Newsletters

Volume 21 Issue 3 October 2017

Welcome to the second newsletter of 2017-18. While I was away on holidays, I heard the Club had a fantastic outing at Kalkite, with the Malam family claiming some rather nice trout that weekend. I heard the Batemans Bay outing was a little windy but still an enjoyable weekend. After being away for a month, I'm now looking forward to our Burrinjuck Convention on 3-5 November 2017.


Volume 21 Issue 1-2 August-September 2017

Welcome to the first newsletter of the new 2017-18 Committee.

Thank you to those who put their hand up to be on this year's Committee. I am very grateful for their dedication and commitment to the Club. Our Committee members all have busy jobs and plenty of family commitments but have still taken the opportunity to volunteer their time to the Club. Without them, we would have no one to run our Club so please give them your support.The new committee has already met and decided on holders for the following important club roles:


Volume 20 Issue 12 July 2017

What a busy year it’s been! The books have now closed on the 2016-17 Club Championship and trophies are being prepared for Presentation Night.

There have been some spectacular captures contributing to the Championship….. and some spectacular failures vying for this year’s joke trophies. Make sure you reserve Friday, 1st of September 2017 in your diary for the annual Presentation Night – it will be a great opportunity to show our respect for the achievements of the winners and have a heap of fun remembering what members did to win the joke trophies.


Volume 20 Issue 11 June 2017

Happy New (Club) Year. The 2016-17 annual Club Competition has closed now – remember that all capture forms must be with the Recorder (Mick Peel) by the 14th July. The results will be announced at the Presentation Night in September. This year, the Presentation Night will be held on a Friday – the 1st of September at the Eastlakes Football Club in Kingston.

The recent June outing was the traditional Queen's Birthday long weekend trip to Narooma. This year the fishing was a bit slower than normal, but I heard the quality of fish was good and everyone that attended had a great time.


Volume 20 Issue 10 May 2017

It looks like it will be a tight finish to the Club's fishing year with Anthony Heiser and Steve Bailey neck and neck in most Championship categories.

However, the rest of the pack is not far behind, so there's always the chance of a late run by any one of a number of "black horses".

Next month's outing is the traditional Queen's Birthday long weekend trip to Narooma. This outing usually produces some huge Australian Salmon off the beaches, so there's every chance of an upset in the Club Championship.


Volume 20 Issue 9 April 2017

Hi everyone.

Firstly, a big congratulations to all who participated in the 2017 Canberra Carp-Out. It is the Canberra Fisherman's Club's yearly opportunity to do something for our local community and local environment – and we certainly achieved it this year!


Volume 20 Issue 8 March 2017

Hi everyone,

What a great month March is going to be.

The March outing will be to Narooma this Canberra Day Long Weekend for the annual Narooma Convention. This is traditionally a great outing for the Club and a great opportunity to show other ANSA clubs how good we are. The Canberra Fisherman's Club has won this event several times in the past; and I reckon this might be our year again. I hope you can make it!


Volume 20 Issue 7 February 2017

Well summer has well and truly arrived and the fishing has been pretty hot too!

The first Club outing for 2017 was the traditional Australia Day long weekend outing to Tuross. Another well-attended outing, with a few good fish caught despite the windy conditions. It was great to hear members sharing intel on techniques and location at the Club BBQ…and to see the results the following day. The personal highlight for me was watching a metre-plus Flathead monster a 35-36cm flathead on the surface as I was bringing it to the net. Unfortunately, the smaller Flathead had taken the hook too deep and despite my best efforts the larger fish eventually spat out his meal… along with my hook!