The NCA has received reports of concerning behaviors being displayed by a few people fishing on the shores of Lake Burley Griffin.

Growing numbers of people are showing a lack of respect for other members of the public, property and the Lake.

NCA has asked us to forward on the information below to all our fishing public in general (common sense really) but some may need a reminder to;

Please pick up and take all your rubbish with you.
(Increasing amounts of rubbish are being left behind at popular fishing spots. The rubbish has a direct effect on the amenity of the Lake and surrounding areas. Take all rubbish with you and dispose it when at home).

Do not leave dead fish on the shore or Lake Infrastructure.
(All dead fish is to be disposed of thoroughly. As well as having an effect on the amenity of the Lake, this issue has health concerns. There is an increased risk of Avian Botulism when fish is not disposed of thoroughly posing a real risk to the bird communities in the area).

Only park in designated car parks. – no parking on the lake foreshore
(Parking on open space is an offense under the Open Areas Parking Rule 2014 and parking infringement notices can be issued on the spot ($97), either by the NCA or ACT Government. Parking on jetties and pontoons is causing damage to these assets. These is willful damage to public property and risking the structural integrity of the asset. The AFP will be contacted when the NCA is notified of any instances). Click HERE for more information


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