Hello all,

 Hoping you all had a great new year and made it safely home from your travels, and hopefully with a few fishy tales to tell. I stayed local and had the rods in the car but, unfortunately, they did not see water.

Although things might be slow at this time of the year, a lot of work has been going on with regards to the up and coming Carp-Out on Sunday 29th of March. Just before Christmas, our permit to use Lennox Gardens was put on hold as another user of the area had damaged the surface and repairs had to be carried out. This caused Parks to reassess how the grounds are to be used and they were suggesting we should hold the event at another park even though our track record has been good for the past 7 years. The good news is after a meeting onsite and some re-arranging of our layout, Parks has now approved our use of Lennox Gardens again.

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