In our May newsletter, we have the new outings calendar and the Saltwater and Freshwater Total Length species for 2018-19. The list of outings and the new total length species was decided by our members at our May General Meeting.

The total length species for 2018-19 are Flathead for Saltwater and European Carp for Freshwater. Flathead offers an opportunity for both landbased anglers and those with boats, and in both estuaries and bluewater. We hope that European Carp will encourage our members to fish our local lakes. In previous years, our members would regularly get together to fish one of the local lakes or ponds after work. I remember quite a few evenings of fishing and BBQ dinners at the Jerra Duck Pond.

The majority of the outings were our traditional outings, but we have a couple of new ones as well. We're returning to Talbingo in October. I didn't attend the last outing the Club held in Talbingo, but it was held in February and I heard it was a bit of a fizzer. However, we used to fish Talbingo each October when the Wagga Wagga Family Fishing Club used to host the ANSA Talbingo Convention. They last hosted the Convention in October 2014, and we caught some good Browns and Rainbows at Jounama Pondage and the Club were just pipped by South Sydney AFA for the Champion Club Trophy. I can also comment from previous experience that the monster Golden Perch in Blowering Dam down the road are quite a thrill on 1 kg line.

Read the May 2018 edition of the Canberra Fisherman's Club Newsletter (pdf).

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